You’ve Never Had a Tub Like This Before

You’ve Never Had a Tub Like This Before

Your local source for concrete bathtubs in Orlando, Florida

Are you ready to experience the next level of comfort? A concrete bathtub can be a revolutionary addition to any home, providing a homeowner with an extremely custom solution for nighttime relaxation. Price Concrete Studio designs concrete bathtubs for Orlando residents based on their body measurements and other specifics.

Soon, you’ll have a tub that isn’t a basic and uncomfortable rectangle. You’ll have something that matches your body type and measurements to make it feel as if you are floating in the tub. How great does that sound?

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The designs we make for tubs are the first of their kind – because they are tailored to you. You’ll have a lounge chair-type solution for your baths, giving you a level of comfort that is unlike anything else. Price Concrete Studio only uses the best materials and professionals to take care of the job. If you’re interested in a custom concrete bathtub, reach out to Orlando’s own Price Concrete Studio today to learn more.